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What can we say about Schawayna Raie???

She's a philanthropist, activist, motivator, singer, songwriter, speaker, producer, director.....SHE'S A VISIONARY!!

Schawayna Raie has been captivating audiences with her Neo Soul style vocal impressions given with every song that she delivers. She has been called a storyteller through her vocal inflections and writing ability. She moves the audience to pay attention as she delivers her raw talent.

Schawayna Raie began her musical career in 2011 when she decided to release a few songs that she had written on an album titled Through It All. Schawayna Raie had championed some major disappointments, heartbreaks and lost loved ones so she decided upon the title to let everyone know that she is standing strong "through it all". Through her nonprofit organization, she has been an encouragement to many women by way of speaking strength, enlightenment and love as she's been called a woman's woman. Schawayna Raie wrote a theme song for her nonprofit called Scene Before and figured that she would make a full album inspired by that one song. After releasing that album, she became not only the talk of the town but the talk of many online radio stations across the nation as they found her music through online media outlets.

Schawayna Raie was invited on a nationally syndicated talk show called I'm Just Sayin with Pastor Dan Willis of Alsip, Illinois and DJ Pookie who is actually an internationally known drummer by the name of Jason Grant. When Jason Grant heard the bass line in Schawayna Raie's hit single How Many Ways along with the way she delivered the melody, he became an official fan. I'm Just Sayin' marked the beginning of an artist in development.

In that same  year, Schawayna Raie was invited to serenade Mr Mark Hubbard in Illinois at his annual birthday bash where she shared the stage with Jonathan McReynolds, Tim Jones, Corey Barksdale Jr. and many more. She was welcomed by the Chicago natives as she was able to live up to their standards with her sultry voice and smooth delivery. Schawayna Raie has also shared the stage with many other gospel and R&B greats!

Schawayna Raie decided to accept the calling of a Performing Artist with the follow up album called No More Hiding. That album title came from her fighting the idea of becoming an artist. Schawayna Raie was more focused on education and becoming a business consultant. She set her eyes on becoming an Industrial Organizational Psychologist helping to develop business strategies to form employee-friendly business models. She began her story as a licensed Nail Technician, then began her formal education with an Associates degree in Radiologic Science becoming one of the few black Radiologic Technologists specializing in Computed Tomography. She then finished her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with later obtaining her Masters of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology. 

Schawayna Raie didn't realize that all of the educational training would afford her an education in time management, prioritizing, developing, structuring, analyzing, marketing, advertising, and creating. She didn't know that she was going to become her own PR Agent, Marketing Company, Social Media Maven, Music Video Producer and Director, show creator, events planner, Executive Producer, Creative Director and the many other hats that she has worn running her own Independent Label. Schawayna Raie was always concerned about her not being invited on other artists platforms in the city but that moved her to create her own thus becoming a trailblazer. The things that she has been blessed to do usually comes to a person with a powerful team in the background. Schawayna Raie had to be her own team for many years.

Schawayna Raie has now made herself a sought after speaker to youth and adult groups, activist, philanthropist and performer. She has partnered with Purchased, Inc, which is a Human Trafficking Awareness organization with her release of the hit song Who Will Cry (for the little girl) that brings awareness to child molestation and human trafficking. Schawayna Raie also sits on the council of STARS for Children, which is an extension chapter of Prevent Child Abuse Indiana where she serves as their Communications Liaison. Schawayna Raie still produces an annual event for her nonprofit organization Uplift Your Sister, which is the Mother's Day event of the year (UYS PhenomeMOM Mother's Day Awards). Schawayna Raie also produces an annual Christmas event called Schawayna Raie & Friends where she raises money for local nonprofit organizations. She has been blessed to raise greater than $6,000 through those efforts since she's begun the event in 2013. 


Schawayna Raie is always working on new music and new ideas as she has a new album forthcoming called Past, Present, Future. This album will tell the story of where Schawayna Raie has been, where she is and where she is going. 

Be on the lookout for Schawayna Raie in a city near you as she is accepting tour date opportunities now. To book Schawayna Raie, please visit our contact us page so that we can make a connection. 

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